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  The statements below are testimonials to the quality of services and products that MSJ Consulting provides.

“Insightful, creative, and practical – Mary is the first person I turn to for almost all the people-related issues I encounter.”  Jonathan Kirk, CEO/Founder - Elanex

“My challenge was to turn the company around in a year.  In a labor-intensive business like retail clothing, having good human resources management is critical.  MSJ Consulting provided the ideal solution: an experienced HR manager who could work effectively with my management team and employees, providing strong leadership at a critical time.  The task was monumental, the hours were grueling, and the process was often painful.  Without the caliber of HR support we received, achieving our goal would have been far more difficult in the narrow window of time we had.”  Ex - Chief Executive Officer, Esprit de Corps

“With the help of MSJ Consulting our company recently revised our incentive based compensation plan.  This is a huge issue to us as we have had plans in place for over thirty years, invest between 25 to 35% of our net income in the plan and it affects about one third of our work force.  And as we all know change is met with skepticism.  Through an in depth analysis of our culture and our objectives, MSJ helped us develop a program that met the objectives of our company and created a comprehensive presentation for our employee review process.  About a year after the plan implementation, management and employees alike are very pleased with the results.  We enthusiastically recommend MSJ for any compensation planning initiatives you may have in mind.”  Jim MacDonald, President, R.F. MacDonald Co.

“Mary Janaitis and the other principals of MSJ have been a great resource, for a wide variety of tasks, for about five years now.  MSJ has helped us with selection for both an employee opinion survey and a performance management software vendor.  They have facilitated employee feedback sessions, and revised and updated both the employee and managers’ handbooks.  They have also helped us document HR practices for compliance with Sorbanes-Oxley.  We view each of the principals of MSJ Consulting as trusted advisors, and thoroughly enjoy working with them.”   Vice President, Human Resources, Irwin Home Equity

MSJ’s Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“Mary is a thorough, knowledgeable, and dedicated consultant for human resources. She worked well at all levels of the organization and provided good insight and advice to senior management. Although originally hired for one major project, we have used her several times since and I expect will continue to do so.”  Art Fatum – CFO, The Low Income Investment Fund

“We’ve found the breadth and quality of MSJ Consulting’s services well-suited to a variety of business challenges our young, rapidly growing company has faced since we began working with MSJ over a year ago.  From helping with a variety of employee relations and performance management situations and refining our organization/job structure, to assisting with operational matters in NYC, and improving communication of the company’s vision, our project reviews, and performance management processes, Mary Janaitis consistently gives us responsive and valuable advice.  She’s gained the confidence of our management team, taken time to understand our individual needs, and tailored her services accordingly.”  Chief Executive Officer, Hinman Consulting Engineers

When we’re in a bind and need quick answers, reliable support and the capability to deal with very difficult human resources issues, we turn to MSJ Consulting. For almost two years, we’ve enjoyed knowing that we had an HR expert just a phone call away if we needed expert advice or on-site assistance. Whether it was helping set up a performance management program, gather and review staff satisfaction information, provide guidance on organizational structuring, provide help designing a sales bonus plan, deal with employee behavioral issues, coach our leadership team or help with restructuring, we have consistently enjoyed working with Mary and Bryan. They’re honest, knowledgeable and responsive. Their integrity and good judgment have been very helpful to our management team during some particularly challenging times. Best of all, we have access to the kind of first class advice that we could not afford with our own full time, top level HR team.”  Chief Executive Officer, NextBus Information Systems, Inc.

“Mary is an exceptional team builder and facilitator. She was a key member of the NAWBO program committee when I was committee chair, providing leadership and guidance as we developed outreach programs to diversify the NAWBO profile to reach a broader membership base. She and her partner Gussie Stewart were instrumental in creating The Leaders' Circle, a new membership tier for women business owners with revenues greater than $2MM.”  Donna Bletzinger – President, Dyer Stephenson

“MSJ conducted a custom compensation survey to support our executive compensation needs. They were proactive, timely and efficient in a situation that was changing rapidly.  Their work added value by helping us to focus our issues and establish a firm rationale for our actions.”  VP Corporate Development and Chief Privacy Officer, Encirq

"With employees in over 30 states as well as overseas, we needed a well-integrated, simple process to administer our pay and performance program.  We had grown from a small company of a few hundred people to almost 1,000.  The work Bryan did to design and implement a simple, template-driven pay administration process has enabled us to complete timely focal performance reviews, gather input from managers and roll up reports for executive review and approval without any unnecessary paperwork. We've now utilized the compensation spreadsheets in three separate focal review cycles, and the spreadsheets are an invaluable tool for us, saving significant time and effort, and allowing our decision-makers to easily plan for, and make, compensation decisions.  The training program he delivered and rolled out to managers and all U.S. employees enabled everyone to understand the program, getting buy-in to the goal setting, performance review and reward program."   Director of Compensation and Benefits, Tier Technologies

MSJ’s Top qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative
“Mary and her partner did a great job facilitating a strategic planning off-site for a small company I'm involved with. From planning to execution the event went flawlessly and delivered significant value. Bonus: she's smart and a pleasure to work with!”  Phil Lapsley – Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

“MSJ Consulting has a breadth of experience that has been very useful to us on short notice.  Work performed for us has been characterized by fast response, logical and well-formulated recommendations and practical advice.  I really appreciate having access to a knowledgeable source of HR information just by picking up the phone or sending an e-mail.”  Chief Financial Officer, eConvergent

 “I have known Mary Janaitis since the 1990s. If I were to list the top qualities that I have seen to apply consistently to Mary's work performance, they would be: Integrity, competence, high performance, practicality, timeliness, and stewardship of corporate goals. Her job at Arthur D. Little, which she conducted on three continents (North America, Asia, and Australia), cut across different cultures and (sometimes) competing corporate components. She held, deservedly, everyone's respect and appreciation, obviously, including mine.”  Mehmet Rona – (formerly Vice President, Arthur D. Little, Inc.)

“MSJ Consulting has been an excellent resource for helping us research, analyze, define, design, develop, and implement a new Performance Management system.  They brought numerous skills to the table, including research, project management, meeting facilitation, communication, and software knowledge.  Throughout the year that MSJ assisted us on this project, Bryan McCaul has kept our HR department project team focused, effectively leading us to making timely decisions, with an appropriate amount of guidance, information sharing, and expertise.” Associate Director, Human Resources, Irwin Home Equity

“Gussie Stewart has provided a variety of executive compensation services to us.  They have included comprehensive recommendations for stock option program redesign and grant guidelines as well as information on bonus plan designs and performance option plan accounting.  She quickly gained an overview of the internal issues that influence our decisions.  She is an experienced professional who combines an astute judgment of our internal needs with broad knowledge and access to resources to support our compensation programs, and gives sound third party advice and counsel.”  Chief Executive Officer, Radica Games

MSJ’s Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
“Mary has been an invaluable consultant on tricky HR related issues for our small company.”  John Eaton – CFO, Next Bus, Inc.

 “Mary was the person I turned to when I had a difficult employee problem. She immediately understood the complexity and I trusted her excellent judgment. She is now working with me updating our company's policies and handbook.”  Susan Shargel – Owner, Shargel & Co.  Insurance Services

"Two of the principals of MSJ Consulting developed and implemented numerous programs for us.  Two of the most crucial programs enabled us to align individuals' performance goals with our business strategy, and implement procedures for handling deployment of our consultants.  Bryan established the guidelines for an effective performance-planning program, and worked with employees at all levels of the organization to ensure that performance plans were measurable and consistent with the needs of their organization.  He also directed the management of the utilization of our US-based consulting staff, and Mary successfully dealt with multiple international deployment situations, from financial, legal, and employee morale perspectives, in a judicious and effective manner."  Senior Vice President, Strategic Planning, Tier Technologies

"Our small organization doesn't need human resources help very often, but when we need it, we want fast, expert advice that's easy and practical to use.  Whether it's helping our management team select key staff, working with us on performance management processes, helping us resolve bi-lingual communications issues, or just being a sounding board on various management issues, Mary and her partners are a superb resource.  She understands our business, works comfortably with everyone (from sales to engineering), understands multi-cultural issues and consistently provides good advice.  She willingly coaches me so I can lead my organization more effectively, and provides sound advice that's designed to help our company succeed."  Ex-Chief Executive Officer, AMS/Fitting Image, Inc.