When to work with MSJ Consulting…. 

There are two main reasons that clients ask for our help: 

  1. A business crisis that demands a fast solution and experienced/expert advice; or
  2. A dramatic business change or evolution (e.g. rapid growth, ineffective operating structure, high turn-over, change in staffing mix, etc.) and lack of internal resources to quickly grasp the context of the situation, formulate a holistic approach and provide assistance with implementation, if needed.

The breadth and depth of our experience enables us to move quickly, to zero in on key and critical issues and to propose workable solutions that can be executed quickly and pragmatically.  We like to keep solutions simple, transfer knowledge and know-how, and be available to assist so our clients get the results they need. 


How we work… 

Initially, we’ll spend an hour – free - with potential clients to meet, discuss the company’s situation and learn their priorities and timeframe for action. While we’re sizing up the situation to decide whether we have the right resources to help solve the problem, the potential client is usually sizing us up to see whether we are the kind of consultants they’d like to work with. In most cases, we provide free suggestions and advice during this meeting. 

If there’s mutual interest in working together, we’ll outline some options for tackling the client’s situation.  Often there are clearly defined projects (e.g. a compensation study; an HR audit; a training program).  Sometimes there’s a sporadic need for on-call assistance or specific expertise.  In most cases, we’ll prepare a statement of work noting our approach and estimated costs to be sure we’ve understood the client’s needs. Once we’ve mutually agreed on an approach, we’ll prepare a simple contract for the client confirming deliverables and fees for service. 

Our services… 

Organizations are collections of people whose efforts produce results.  Clearly articulated management expectations help align everyone’s expectations. Aligned expectations enable the achievement of results.  
Our services relate to the alignment of organizational functions, structures, processes and strategies:

  1. Strategies – articulate organization objectives and expectations to align the organization functions, structures, and processes that enable an organization to achieve it’s objectives
  2. Organization Structure/Job Function – organize the units/departments that accomplish the purpose of the organization and define the  accountabilities of jobs across the organization including: organization structure, job descriptions, position relationships and contributions
  3. Processes/Programs – define and implement processes and programs that support the execution of work including: employment practices, management development, performance management, retention/reward systems, compensation programs, succession planning, and labor law compliance
  4. Employee Effectiveness/Communications -  carry out face to face problem solving, assessment and improvement